A limited number of bursaries up to £196 are available for students attending Photon08. Students wishing to apply for a bursary must meet the following criteria:

1. The form must be accompanied by a supporting letter (or e-mail) from the applicant's Supervisor or Head of Department.
2. Bursaries will only be awarded to graduate students studying for an advanced degree in a suitable subject (i.e. one of relevance to 'Photon08') in the UK or Ireland.
3. Applicants should be planning to attend 'Photon08' for 3 days or more
4. Preference will be given to students presenting at the meeting (either oral or poster presentation).
5. The closing date for applications is 9 August 2008.

To apply for a bursary, please complete and return the application form to:

Professor Colin Webb
Willow Court
School Lane
EX22 7BQ

E-mail: colin.webb_AT_which.net

Bursaries are provided by the Rank Prize Fund.

The Rank Prize Funds

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